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Local collaboration

Thanks to our solid relations with local organisations, we’ve gathered good collaborations in the past years. A few of our partners are: Hospital Alrijne, Alecto Hockey Club, Football Club RCL. But also the Center for Youth and Family, incluzio and elementary schools in Leiderdorp, Leiden, Hoogmade, Woubrugge and Oegstgeest.

Partners: Hospitals, sport clubs and accommodations

Our facility daycare Dromenland is situated next to Hospital Alrijne in Leiderdorp. Our facility Diakonijntje is situated in Alrijne Leiden.
Our after-school care “De Vrijbuiters” is situated at the premises of Alecto Hockey Club, “De Schatzoekers” are situated on the premises of football club RCL. It’s needless to say that we collaborate intensely with these parties. The after-school care “De Brink” uses the sporthalls from “De Does”.

Centre for Youth and Family

Diverse professionals, like children’s doctors, nurses, social workers and pedagogues in the Center for Youth and Family (CJG/ CYF). We collaborate with consultation offices who redirect children to us with speech- and language deficits. Furthermore, we regularly consult our team of advisors/ healthcare: a team that aims to resolve problems (from children), together with schools. We regularly publish articles from CJG/CYG in our newsletter, so called “de Spelenderwijs”.
More info about CJG/CYG:

The Leidse aanpak (also: approach)

We work with the Leidse aanpak/ approach for toddlers with an advanced development.

De leidse aanpak

Schools: after-school care ánd midday care

FloreoKids works together with elementary schools in Leiderdorp, Leiden, Hoogmade, Woubrugge, and Oegstgeest to meet the needs of after-school care in most of the schools. Furthermore, FloreoKids has contracts with the schools for Midday Care.
Yearly we evaluate the collaboration between us and the schools, together with the directors. In the moments of these evaluations we discuss after-school care, midday care, but also the effectiveness of daycare/ kindergarten - with the objective: minimise language deficiency for school going children.

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