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Samen werken, samen groeien

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Buitenschoolse opvang
De Vrijbuiters
NSO De Rebellen
NSO De Piraten


Sportpark De Bloemerd

Bloemerd 8a

2353 BZ Leiderdorp


071 589 2233




MA DI DO  14.30 - 18.30 uur

WO 12.00 - 18.30 uur

Afterschool care De Vrijbuiters

Afterschool care De Vrijbuiters

Outdoor play, sports and physical activity 

At the Vrijbuiters, we stand for; Coziness, Outdoors, Individuality, Playfulness, Leisure, Personal Choice, Play, Friendship, Independence, Freedom, Pushing Boundaries. Children come to play with us after school, and we prioritize aligning with their wishes and experiences. Child participation is very important to us, so children have a lot of freedom to choose/decide together what they want to do.

We work with a focus on talents, which among other things, means that we look at unique qualities and what brings joy to the child. By consistently offering new and challenging activities, they also discover where their strengths lie and what they enjoy. We nurture these talents, empowering children to have (more) confidence and be stronger in life. We also conduct what we call "talent conversations," which help children become aware of their own talents. We record these talents and place them in their own treasure chest. When the children leave the care, they have a treasure chest full of their own talents, which assists them in standing more confidently and strongly in life.

We also consider it very important to promote independence in children. We provide children with opportunities to experiment and encourage them to try things out. Of course, we guide the children when necessary.

Feel free to come by for an introduction. That way, we can tell you even more and, most importantly, show you how much fun it is at the Vrijbuiters.

At BSO De Vrijbuiters in the De Bloemerd sports park, the focus is on outdoor play, sports, and physical activities. De Vrijbuiters consists of two groups:

De Rebellen (7 t/m 8 jaar)

Piraten (9+)

Challenges indoors and outdoors

De Vrijbuiters is located in the clubhouse of the Alecto hockey club. The Rebellen and Piraten have their own dedicated spaces there. In addition, they engage in activities both inside and around the clubhouse. The children have ample challenges and space on the sports grounds. Emphasizing movement, experiencing nature, developing technical skills, and fostering independence are central to this location.

Flexible approach to sports training 

Children who are members of a sports club in the vicinity can, in coordination with the pedagogical professional, attend their sports training during the after-school care (BSO) once they reach a certain age. For more information about De Vrijbuiters, you can read in the pedagogical workplan.

Open almost all the time

De Vrijbuiters are only closed on Wednesday afternoons. On Fridays, De Vrijbuiters are combined with  De Schatzoekers.

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Talentgericht werken

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