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Daycare, toddler care, after school care

You pay a gross amount per month for our daycare, toddler care and afterschool care. These types of care fall under “Wet Kinderopvang” (Law for children’s daycare). The tax office could give you back a part of the paid expenses if you meet certain conditions. Use the calculator to check your net costs. Here, you can also check if you’re entitled to childcare allowance.

Tarifs Kinderdagverblijf 2022
Tarifs Kinderdagverblijf Pimmetje 2022

Tarifs Kinderdagverblijf Oegstgeest 2022

Tarifs Naschoolse opvang 2022

Tarifs Naschoolse opvang Pimmetje 2022
Tarifs Naschoolse opvang Oegstgeest 2022

Tarifs KDV Woubrugge, Rijnsaterwoude, Leimuiden en Kudelstaart 2022

Tarifs BSO Woubrugge, Rijnsaterwoude, Leimuiden en Kudelstaart 2022

Preschool toddlercare

At preschool you can obtain a toddlercare-place or a subsidised place. Preschool also falls under the Law for children’s daycare (see text above). Subsidised spots are for children with (care) indication (with a referral from the child health clinic/ consultation office), and for parents who don’t meet the requirements for the Law for children’s daycare. With a subsidised “Asscherplaats” (Asscher spot), people pay per income-ratio.

Tarifs Peuterspeelzaal en Peuteropvang 2022 / Toddler daycare


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