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Calculate your childcare allowance


Would you like to know the costs for your home-situation? Use the calculator to check your net costs. 

To check if you meet the criteria for childcare-allowance, please see the following:

  • You receive child benefits, or foster parent’s benefits. The child is in your care
  • You are registered at your home address
  • The child-care is registered at the National Register Childcare (LRK/ NRC)
  • You committed to a written contract with the daycare
  • The child you’re asking allowance for doesn’t receive tertiary (higher) education yet
  • You or your partner pay for childcare
  • You and your partner have a dutch nationality or valid permit
  • You’re either working, studying, following a course or are doing the civic education course. This goes for both of you

There is a maximum of declarable hours for the daycare. The baseline for this rule is the amount of hours of the parent that works the least. For these hours, you can claim 140% for the toddler-care and daycare. For after-school care, the maximum is 70%. The total maximum is (per Dutch tax office) €230 per child, per month.

Read more on the website of the Dutch Tax Office.


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